Coverage Options

Credit Life & Disability for First NRV members

You can receive low cost Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance at First NRV Federal Credit Union.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

For a low, flat rate you can get coverage for up to 125% of the car, RV, boat, or motorcycle's value! This offers you guaranteed protection for your assets and help you to not worry about the "what-if" scenarios in life!

  • Motor Vehicles - $295.00 for GAP Coverage
  • PowerSport/Motorcycles - $295.00 for GAP Coverage
  • RV/Motor Homes - $395.00 for GAP Coverage
  • Watercraft/Boat - $395.00 for GAP Coverage

Mechanical Repair Coverage

Available on both new and used cars. Platinum, Silver, and Gold plans. Easiest way to avoid expensive repairs bills and our policy's are cheaper than dealers coverage.