Meet Our Team


Board of Directors

President                    Stanley Moore
Vice President           Jerry Bennett
Secretary                    Tracy Howard
Treasurer                    Mark Armentrout
Member                      Scott Hill

1st NRV Supervisory Committee

Graham Wickline
Beatrice Moore
Jada Ann Howard

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Employee Contact Information

employee extensions (Please use Radford Office Number & Extension to reach your intended party)

Hillsville Office Phone: (540)-228-0262 

Owen McKinnie 9239_pp - Version 2 (1).jpg

Owen Mckinnie

CEO/Manager and Loan Officer
Phone: (540)-228-0266

Sue Kirk 9243_pp - Version 2 (1).jpg

Sue Kirk

Member Services Specialist and Loan Officer
Phone: (540)-228-0184

Luke Bland 9232_pp - Version 2 (1).jpg

Luke Bland

Marketing and Accounts Specialist
Phone: (540)-228-0198 (Teller)
Phone: (540)-228-0260 (Office)

Tanya Grayson 9230_pp - Version 2 (1).jpg

Tanya Grayson

Assistant Manager, Accounting Specialist and Loan Officer
Phone: (540)-228-0168

place holder pic.jpg

Dianna Epperly

Member Services Representative
Phone: (540)-228-0239

Brenda Cardone 9236_pp - Version 2 (1).jpg

Brenda Cardone

Mortgage Specialist and Loan Officer
Phone: (540)-228-0177

Andrea Neighbors 9244_pp - Version 2 (1).jpg

Andrea Neighbors

Member Services Representative
Phone: (540)-228-0234