Direct Deposit

Fast. Secure. Green. 

Have your income directly deposited to your account for each payroll to help decrease the amount of deposits you have to bring to us at the credit union. You will also be able to set up automatic payments (ACH Debits) to come out of your account for expenses & bills that you may have. Stop by the credit union and let us know you need your direct deposit information, and we will get you everything you need to set this up for yourself with your employer.

  • Your employer must have direct deposit capabilities through their payroll department in order to be able to directly deposit your payroll checks to your account. Ask your employer if they offer this service to their employees.
  • If a payment tries to come through and the funds are not in the account, there will be a $40 insufficient funds fee. These ACHs can now come in 3 times a day, to avoid the fee make sure to keep the necessary funds in the account.  
  • To set up an ACH deposit, employers will require you to provide them with the routing number for First NRV FCU and the number of the account you want your money to be deposited to. An ACH payment will require the same information to be given to the company receiving the payment. Please call 1st NRV FCU with any questions, concerns, or if you are in need of your account information.