Share Draft Accounts (Checking) & Debit Cards

1st NRV FCU Share Draft Checking Accounts and Debit Cards provide the accessibilty & flexibility that consumers want and need!

Have 24/7 access to your accounts through our provided ATM Service (use our ATM locator to find other surcharge free ATMs in the area other than our on-site ATM). You also have the ability to write personal checks from your account, use your debit card for purchases online and in the store ($1500.00 limit per day), or withdraw cash from the ATM ($500.00 limit per day). So come on down and open your LIFETIME FREE 1st NRV FCU checking account today!

  • No minimum balance requirement for checking accounts at First NRV FCU
  • No monthly fees, check clearing charges*, or teller transaction fees
  • Unlimited surcharge-free ATM transaction at any First NRV ATM or any other ATM covered under the CU24 network (use our ATM locator on the main page of our website to find these other ATMs)
  • With any non-First NRV ATM or non–CU24 ATM we charge $1 for each transaction (Balance inquiries are $0.50 per account inquiry)
  • Overdraft Protection is available to all our members
  • eStatements are now available (Call us at the Radford Office to switch over to eDocuments today!)
  • Funds Availability Policy applies
  • Average Daily Balance of $100.00 required for check cashing with no fee (see our current schedule of fees for the applicable fee amount).

** Notice: First NRV FCU will not contact you to notify you of a potential and/or pending overdraft. Checks will be available for purchase. Anyone 65+ years of age can get checks for free. If a check or ACH were to come through for payment and the funds are not available, there will be a $40 insufficient funds fee applied to the account. No exceptions.

Debit Cards

You can now sign up to receive a Debit card with your checking account!

  • The first ATM/Debit card is free. If your card is lost or broken there is a $10 replacement fee for the first card that you have replaced. The fee then rises to $15.00 for each card you order afterwards. The fee will only be waived if a fraudulent charge tries to come across your First NRV debit card.
  • There will also be a $10.00 PIN Reissue Fee (In other words, remember your PIN numbers or else a fee will be applied to your accounts for changing your PIN!)

Debit/ATM Card Daily Limits

  • There is a $500.00 ATM withdrawal limit every 24 hours.
  • There is a $1,500.00 point of sale (in the store) daily transaction limit on debit cards for every 24 hours (ATM cards cannot be used in a store, only at ATMs to withdraw cash).
  • We can raise your card limits per your request, but you must call us at 540-639-0885 in order to do so.
    • Tell us the amount you need it raised to and the range of dates that you will need this change to last on the card.
    • We will then make the necessary change and make it drop off the system on a specified date.

Overdraft Protection Option

Don't have enough money in your checking account to cover that last transaction you made? No worries, First NRV has you covered with our Overdraft Protection Service!

  • This service requires you to link your savings to your checking account. You must have matching funds within your savings to cover the amount that is drafting from your checking account.
  • Automatically transfer money from your savings to your checking account to prevent insufficient fund fees from being applied to your account.
  • This is considered an electronic transfer. Other forms of electronic transfers are by the phone transfers, and transfers done through online account access or internet branching.
  • If you do not have matching funds in your savings account to cover the amount of the transaction that is trying to clear your accounts, you will have an NSF fee applied to your accounts for any overdrafts. No exceptions will be made.

Automatic Transfers

Automatic transfers (electronic transfers) can only be done 6 times within one month, and afterwards, a $20.00 Regulation D transfer fee will be applied to your accounts for each transfer made after the 6 transfer limit has been reached. So if you go two transfers over the limit, $40.00 in fees will be applied to your accounts. This is a Federal Regulation that we are legally obliged to uphold. No exceptions will be made.

  • We did not create this fee, but we are required to administer it due to Regulation D. Just keep track of how many transfers you have made within a month, and you will easily and consistently avoid this fee!


Take advantage of our online account access through this website to keep better track of the transfers that you have made each month! This will help you dodge the Reg D fee! Just remember, no more than 6 transfers from your savings to your other accounts within one month, or else a $20.00 fee will be applied to your account. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.