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Savings Accounts

Our Selection of Savings Accounts


Share Savings Account

 All members are required to have and maintain a share savings account in order to maintain their membership at 1st NRV FCU. For the remainder of the year of 2017, we will be waiving the $5.00 membership fee for opening an account with us. This means you only need $5.00 to cover your minimum balance requirement for your savings account.



Christmas Club Account

¨ No minimum balance required and can be opened at any time.
¨ All balances earn dividends
¨ The current dividend rate is posted quarterly.
¨ You cannot transfer or withdrawal from this account. If you need the funds before the release date of November 1st of each year, the account will be closed and all funds released for your use. Once closed it cannot be reopened until November 1st of that year.
¨ You can set up Direct Deposit into this account.




 Share Certificates

Upon maturity, the certificate will automatically renew at the current rate and will be subject to First NRV terms and conditions.

¨ With the initial maturity of the certificate, there is a 10-day grace period to make changes.

¨ $100 is the minimum to open a certificate
¨ Dividends are posted quarterly.



We have two types of IRAs here at First NRV, they are: Traditional and ROTH IRAs.
¨ The traditional IRA is where money was put into the IRA before taxes was paid, therefore taxes must be paid when money is withdrawn.
¨ The ROTH IRA is where taxes has already been paid before being deposited into the IRA and therefore money can be withdrawn without paying taxes.


Saving Money: Financial Literacy & Responsibility

Below is a link that will redirect you to a page on the National Credit Union Administration's (NCUA) website that has numerous articles, advice, and tricks for helping you become more financially responsible. And make sure to come down to 1st NRV FCU today and speak with one of our account representatives about our limited time savings opportunity for the year of 2017. This year marks our 80th Anniversary, and that milestone means we are going to be returning the savings to all of our members in the form of higher interest rate savings accounts, and lower interest rate loans. Help us help you to become the most financially literate form of yourself that you can be. We are here to help our members, because we wouldn't be here today without them.


***Financial Literacy Link>>>