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Free Membership for 2017!

 Make sure to let your friends and family know that 1st NRV will be waiving the $5.00 membership fee for the remainder of 2017. You will still be required to meet the $5.00 minimum balance in the savings account upon opening your membership with us, so be sure to bring your $5.00 so we can go ahead and reserve your share at our credit union! This is a limited time offer and will only be honored for the remainder of the 2017 calendar year. So come down today before the opportunity passes and become part of the 1st NRV family!

DISCLOSURE: We are not required to give memberships to applicants who do not pass our screening program for new accounts due to fees, charge-offs, or any other discrepency with another financial institution. You are also required to provide legal documents proving you are who you say you are. So be sure to bring your driver's license, social security number, and all of your current contact information to ease with the account opening process.

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