Credit Union Customer Satisfaction Statistics for 2016 (ACSI)

Credit unions have significantly outpaced all other financial services in customer satisfaction for nearly a decade, but this trend changed in 2016 when the ACSI score dropped by 1.2%. The ACSI states that most members who review their business with credit unions still give great reviews, and that this percentage drop is more than likely being caused by an increased strain on call centers for credit unions due to the growth of credit union membership across the country. Other factors include a lower number of ATMs, less branches offered across the country than bigger financial institutions (like commercial banks), and various things related to how easily you can access your accounts. These numbers should regulate themselves as credit union membership continues to grow. This increase in membership will lead to a higher return on their loan portfolios, fee schedules, and other ways as well. This in turn will allow credit unions to hire more employees, provide better and more diverse services, and also open up more branches. This will then allow credit unions to once again serve their members needs and wants in a seemless fashion, and that will then lead to a higher level of customer satisfaction. 

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