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Lending Services



Lending Services & Lines of Credit:



First NRV Credit Cards



To apply for an First NRV credit card, go to one of the branches for an application to fill out. Our card offers a low interest rate of 10.5%* and no annual fee.  


* (7% +  Wall Street Prime)



First NRV Loan & Mortgage


We have loans for every occasion, from auto loans to signature loans to mortgages and everything in between.




Loan Discount Opportunities

You can receive a 0.25% auto pay discount and a 0.25% direct deposit discount for a total of 0.5% discount on loan rates. By doing this you not only save money but time as well. Some restrictions may apply.

Credit Life and Credit Disability Coverage

You can receive low cost Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

You may purchase GAP coverage on First NRV automobile and recreational vehicle loans. For a low, flat rate of $265 you can get coverage for up to 125% of the car’s worth. This offers you protection for your assets and gives you financial peace of mind.


Mechanical Repair Coverage



Available on both new and used cars. Platinum, Silver, and Gold plans


Easiest way to avoid expensive repairs bills and our policy's are cheaper than dealers coverage



First NRV offers many mortgage options. We have high quality professional service and many other benefits.
Types of Mortgages:

· Mortgage Options for Purchasing
i. Fixed or adjustable rates
ii. Up to 30 year terms

· Mortgage Options for Refinancing
i. Fixed or adjustable rates
ii. Up to 30 year terms
iii. Cash-out refinancing

· First Time Home Buyer Program
i. Low down payment required
ii. Gifts, grants and other approved sources may be used for closing costs.

· Other Benefits
i. Experienced mortgage consultant
ii. Low closing costs (no broker fees)
iii.  Discount points available on many products
iv.  Streamlined documentation
v. Products available for credit challenged members