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Checking Accounts

Share Draft Accounts(Checking) & Debit Cards


Share Draft Accounts(Checking) & Debit Cards 



1st NRV FCU share draft checking accounts and debit cards provide the flexibility consumers want and need. Have 24/7 access to your accounts through our provided ATM Services (use our ATM locator to find surcharge free ATMs in the area). You have the ability to write personal checks from your account, use your debit card for purchases online and in the store ($1500.00 limit per day), or withdraw cash from the ATM ($500.00 limit per day). Come down and open your LIFETIME FREE 1st NRV FCU checking account      




    Notice: First NRV FCU will not contact you to notify you of a potential and/or pending overdraft.

    ¨ Checks will be available for purchase. Anyone 65+ years of age can get checks for free.




Checking Accounts



¨ No minimum balance requirement 


¨ No monthly fees, check clearing charges*, or teller transaction fees.


¨ Unlimited surcharge-free ATM transaction at any First NRV ATM.


¨ With any non-First NRV ATM or non–CU24 ATM we charge $1 for each transaction. 


¨ Overdraft Option available.


¨ eStatements available.


¨ Funds Availability Policy applies.





 * If a check or ACH were to come through for payment and the funds are not available, there will be a $40 nonsufficient funds fee applied to the account.




Debit Cards



¨ You can now sign up to receive a Debit card with your checking account! The first one is free. If it is lost or broken there is a $10 replacement fee.


¨ There is a $500 withdrawal limit at the ATM every 24 hours.


¨ There is a $1500 point of sale daily transaction limit for every 24 hours. 






Overdraft Protection Option



¨ If you choose, you can link a savings account to the share draft account in order for a share draft or electronic debit(s) to be   covered by an automatic transfer.


¨ There is no fee to do this however this transfer would count    towards the 6 transfers allowed in one month*.


*  If this transfer were to put you over the 6 transfers per month limit, a $20 fee will be applied to your account.